Thoughts for people who wish to share at the memorial

During the memorial, there will be a time for everyone present to share anything they’d like to about Thomas- it will be an opportunity to celebrate and remember a life lived.
What was a time that Thomas made you laugh?
Was there a lesson that Thomas taught you?
What is something you’ll always remember about Thomas?
What did you love about him?
Was there a time that Thomas did something that suprised you?
When did Thomas inspire you?
What are you grateful for about Thomas?
What have you learned from Thomas?


2 responses to “Thoughts for people who wish to share at the memorial

  1. I spend one day, only one in Tom’s company, A picnic at Valeria. I saw in him a
    being of light and I was reminded of a saying that has always rung true for me.

    The greatest gift a man can leave his children is to have loved their mother.

    How few men understand this mystery, Tom embodied this truth.
    Dear Tom, surround us all in the light of that truth.

  2. Tom always reminded me of how full and big life could be…that it is possible for a man to be madly in love with his wife and family, that a big fat fuck has a heart of gold, emeralds and diamonds waiting to be shared with all of life and even those he barely new. Generous…unending generosity.

    Sarah I am sorry I will not be able to be with you and the kids on Saturday…but my heart is with you every day.

    xoxo Jen

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