Details for the memorial- Saturday, November 19th

The memorial will be held at the home of Tom, his wife Sarah, and their children Nigel and Penny at 43 Ridgefield Ave, Staten Island, NY. The memorial will last from 12-6 with a ceremony at 2:00. Food will be available, but please BYOB. Much of the day will be spent outside, so please be aware and dress warmly. Parking on Ridgefield Ave will be difficult, so consider taking public transportation if possible- if not, parking is available on Vanderbilt Ave. In lieu of flowers or other gestures, please consider making a monetary donation to the family to help them through a difficult transition.

Thank you to everyone for the loving support during this time.


Thoughts for people who wish to share at the memorial

During the memorial, there will be a time for everyone present to share anything they’d like to about Thomas- it will be an opportunity to celebrate and remember a life lived.
What was a time that Thomas made you laugh?
Was there a lesson that Thomas taught you?
What is something you’ll always remember about Thomas?
What did you love about him?
Was there a time that Thomas did something that suprised you?
When did Thomas inspire you?
What are you grateful for about Thomas?
What have you learned from Thomas?

Memorial Information

A memorial will be held at the family home on Saturday, November 19th from noon to six o’clock. A remembrance ceremony will take place at two, officiated by Ashley Gates Jansen. At that time, anyone who would like to share can do so.
The house is located at 43 Ridgefield Ave, Staten Island. People coming from the other boroughs can take the Staten Island Ferry. At the Ferry Terminal you’ll be able to get a cab to the house at the taxi stand.
In lieu of flowers and food, please consider making a donation to the fund set up on this blog to help the family through this difficult transition.

In Loving Memory of Thomas Price

Thomas passed away on Thursday, November 10th, 2011. His heart, humor, and love of life will live on through his children and all those privileged to know him. In lieu of flowers and other gestures, the family has asked for donations for Nigel and Penny. A PayPal link is provided, checks or money orders can also be sent to 43 Ridgefield Ave. Staten Island, NY 10304.
A memorial is being planned for November 19th at the family home on 43 Ridgefield Ave from noon to six. A moment of remembrance will take place at 2:00 if anyone would like to participate. Please share this with anyone who knows and loves Thom, Sarah, and the kids.
Thank you to everyone for their kind thoughts and prayers- the outpouring of love has been deeply affecting and is deeply appreciated.